Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care STATEMENT


The aim of this policy statement is to safeguard and protect the rights of staff, pupils, parents and all who visit our school. All members of the school community have a right to be treated with respect and to work in a safe environment. Teachers have a right to teach, pupils have a right to be taught, parents and visitors have a right to be shown respect and courtesy. Behaviour that interferes with the rights of others is unacceptable.


The climate in our school is one of trust, respect, love, joy, care, concern, support, welcome, understanding and acceptance where learning and teaching are enjoyed. A holistic education is provided and every effort is made to nurture the innate love children have for learning. We help our pupils to acquire knowledge, skills and practical abilities and the desire to use them. Self esteem and confidence are qualities that we seek to instil. While recognising that children have different abilities and learning styles every effort is made to help children reach their full potential. Opportunities are provided for children to discover and develop their talents. Efforts are made to ensure that children taste success regularly.

We celebrate difference and nurture tolerance and respect for all children. With us, respect is the key component. Each person is special and unique. All children irrespective of gender, race, or culture are given equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of school life. The school is a microcosm of society within which all children, their languages, beliefs, traditions and cultures should be embraced. We nurture in our pupils a sense of cultural identity and an appreciation of the diversity of cultures which exists on the island of Ireland. Children are taught Irish and encouraged to use Irish informally in daily conversation. Through music and dance children enjoy learning about our Irish traditions and culture. Children from other countries in the school are encouraged to teach us about their culture and traditions. Every day we learn from each other. As we teach we learn.

Our School Policies on Discipline and Anti-bullying are implemented fairly and consistently by all staff. Pupils are taught the standard of behaviour that is accepted in the school. Our Golden Rules, which help to create a positive climate in the school, are displayed on the school walls. Positive behaviour is affirmed. As a reward for efforts made, names are entered at the end of the week in the Happy Golden Book.

A safe, sensitive, positive environment within the school allows the child to be open and respond to care. Teachers are made aware of pupils’ needs and every effort is made to respond sensitively to individual needs in a confidential manner. All our children, as individuals, have different needs at different times in their lives. There is a keen interest taken in children at risk. Efforts are made to identify early, children with a specific need (social, emotional and/or academic) and depending on that need, catering to the best of our ability, for that child, using the available human and physical resources within the school, liaising with parents, and when necessary making referral to outside bodies.

Teachers in the school are also encouraged to use their talents. The Board of Management recognises the importance of and supports the professional development of the staff.

There is a strong sense of community within the school and a high level of co-operation is evident among staff/pupils/parents/visitors. Children are taught to show respect for their environment through the Green Schools programme.

There is a spirit of prayer in the school not just imposed on the children, but is seen to be a value for the teachers. In each classroom there is an atmosphere of openness, forgiveness, and understanding and above all love. A sense of awe and wonder at the goodness, beauty and love of God is developed in the children.

Having fun learning together in Scoil Mhuire
Having fun learning together in Scoil Mhuire