Introductory Statement
JULY 2014: Our Whole School Plan in Music is being revised 2014 - 2016. A draft will be posted here for feedback from the school community before January 2016. 
Inservice for music was provided during the school years 2004 – 2006. The Special Duty Teacher co-ordinator for Music is Ms. Kathryn Heneghan. Our teachers are implementing the revised curriculum. 
Following attendance at a Summer Course (2005) by Ms. Kathryn Heneghan and some other teachers on staff, a number of different schemes were evaluated at different levels by teachers. Elements of the Music Plan were discussed at a planning day on the 8th Dec. ’05, co-ordinated by Ms. Heneghan. In May 2005 it was decided to use the Music Made Easy scheme. However, since then concerns have been raised about this resource for teaching music in the school as many teachers are not using it. 
Music was discussed in June 2014 and it was identified as an area that needed review. This review will be ongoing 2014 - 2016. Senior classes are using the Right Note and like it. Decisions will be made on Music in the 2014 - 2016 school years and  a revised school plan drafted. 
TONIC SOLFA IS USED TO TEACH SINGING AND STAFF NOTATION IS USED TO TEACH INSTRUMENTS. Children place their left hand on top of the tin-whistle and their right hand at the bottom.
School Band
Band tuition is given by Ms. Morris.
  • The school band practises daily from 9.00 – 9.15 with Ms. Morris. On Mondays Ms. Morris takes the band in the hall from 12.45 – 1.15 at lunch time .
  • Extra tuition is given weekly in both Accordion and Violin.
The school band has many yearly outings/performances which include
  • The Sacred Heart Home
  • Cherry House
  • Darwood and Cloverhill Nursing Homes
  • The St. Patrick’s and Easter Parades
  • Féile Ceoil
Grúpa Ceoil
Ms. Morris and Ms. Shaughnessy teaches the school Grúpa Ceoil. The group includes children from 3rd – 6th classes who have prior musical experience in accordion, tin-whistle and violin. Children learn different arrangements of Irish music. They perform at the Fleadh Ceoil, Féile Ceoil and school concert. Children practise on Mondays at lunch time and on Tuesdays 3.00 – 3.45p.m.

Choir practice takes place on Tuesdays 2.30 - 3pm under the direction of Ms. Nicola Shaughnessy. The choir sings at liturgical celebrations during the year under the direction of Ms. Kathryn Heneghan and on occasions with support from Ms. Shaughnessy.  

Every 1- 2 years the children in Scoil Mhuire from 1st – 6th classes take part in a Christmas Concert.
The Féile Dramaíochta is also regularly entered by classes in the senior side of the school.
Music Resources
See attached appendices listing ‘Musical Instruments’ available in the school and the contents of a ‘Percussion Class pack’ purchased following the 2005 in-service day for teachers on Music. There is also a handout on how to use this class pack. 
Percussion boxes contain a mixture of 30 various instruments for in-class use. Instruments should be returned to the correct box and teacher (K. Heneghan/ F. Mitchell) after use!
Music equipment is stored as follows:
  1. Percussion box for the Junior Section of the school is stored in Ms. Heneghan's room
  2. Percussion box for the Senior Section of the school is stored in Ms. Mitchell's room.
  3. Remaining percussion instruments are stored in presses under the stairs beside the secretary's office. 
  4. Drum and Samba instruments are stored on the shelves behind the curtains at the back of the stage. The Samba Drum is a 20 drum kit: x3 Surdo (14" x 18") incl. beaters and harness, x2 Surdo (18" x 20" ) incl. beaters and harness, x2 Repenique (10" x 12") incl. beaters and harness, x2 Tarol (12" x 5") incl. beaters and harness, x3 Tamourim incl. sticks, x2 Dancing Congas, x3 Dougle Agogos incl. beaters, x3 Meal Shakers, x1 Samba Whistle.
Move and Relax with Music and tape
Music in the Classroom
100 Popular Classics
Lets Listen
The Great Composers
Music (Key Stage 1) Curriculum Bank
Music for Schools CD
Tin whistle CD
Banana Splits and CD
Sonsense Nongs and CD
Three Singing Pigs
Three Rapping Rats
Three Tapping Teddies
Lets go Zudie-O and CD
Lets go Shoolie Shool and CD
High Low Polly Pepper
Listen to Music Elements and CD
Music in the classroom
*Tin-whistle scheme used throughout the school (available in the Staff Library)
* The Kodaly System (hand signals) is to be used for teaching singing from 1st class upwards.