Access to Records

In devising this policy due consideration has been given to Section 9(g) of the Education Act 1998. Parents as the primary educators are entitled to an account of their child’s progress in school. This includes the academic, emotional, personal, physical, moral, spiritual, social and cultural aspects of education.

In keeping within the school policy of working with parents as partners in their child’s education, the child’s individual school records will be made available to parents. A file is kept on each child in the school and all paper work pertaining to the child is kept in this file. Files are stored in a filing cabinet by the class teacher in her class room. The filing cabinet is kept locked and the class teacher and principal are the only two people who have a key to this cabinet. Appointments can be made with the principal/class teacher by parents who wish to view records on their child/children.
  • To provide parents access to the school records for their child
  • To empower parents to participate more fully in the welfare and education of their child
  • To enhance communication between parent, child and teacher
  • To monitor progress of a pupil’s development
  • To ensure follow through and appropriate action to meet the child’s educational needs.
Records Provided:
  • Attendance
  • Curricular
  • Standardised tests
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Discipline
  • Medical/Psychological Reports
  • End of Year Reports
Retention of Records:
Scoil Mhuire Primary School Roscommon will retain all school records in a safe place for nine years after the child has left 6th class.