Health and Safety statement

(shortened version)

The purpose of the Health and Safety statement is to provide guidelines for staff and other relevant parties on safety procedures in Scoil Mhuire, Roscommon. It outlines the responsibilities of management and staff in ensuring our school is safe for all employees working in the school.

The Board of Management (BoM) of Scoil Mhuire drafted a Health and Safety statement in 1999. The statement evolved after consultation with the teachers, Caretaker, Secretary, Cleaner and B.O.M. This statement was reviewed by the BoM  and staff in November/December 2010 and will be ratified by the Board of Management in February 2011. Ms. Catríona Duignan is the Health and Safety representative. Canon Eugene Mc Loughlin has  been appointed by the BoM as the Health and Safety Officer. Úna Feeley is the Designated Liaison Person (DLP) for Child Protection issues and Patricia Morris is the Deputy (DLP).

1. How the Health and Safety of the employees of Scoil Mhuire Convent Primary School, Roscommon will be ensured

The Board of Management will:

{C}·         {C}Appoint from within the Board a Health and Safety Officer who will oversee the implementation of the Health and Safety policy (current officer: Fr. Eugene Mc Loughlin).

{C}·         {C}Organise training for staff on Health and Safety, Fire Drill, and Fire Equipment.

{C}·         {C}Identify hazards or risks to employees or third parties and review these periodically

{C}·         {C}Provide a safe school for the staff and children as far as is reasonably practicable

{C}·         {C}Ensure a Health and Safety Representative is appointed within the staff

           (current rep.: Ms. Catríona Duignan)


To reduce the risks the following hazards are highlighted together with the suggested means of eliminating or mitigating the risk. Other hazards/risks are in the full version of the Health and Safety statement, available from the office.

2.1 Fire hazards

Fire Drill will be carried out once termly. Portable fire fighting equipment will be checked on a regular basis and evidence of these checks will be recorded. All fire points will be kept clear at all times and will be highlighted. Exits and entrances will be kept un‑locked during normal operating hours and adequately signposted. Procedures for Fire Drill are attached.

2.2 Electrical Equipment

The following precautions will apply:

All live parts will be adequately covered. Precautions will be taken by earthing and automatic disconnection in the event of a fault, to prevent danger from any electrocution. Due practices will be complied with in choosing and using electrical portable tools.

Note: Only appropriately qualified and trained personnel will work on the installation/repair of electrical equipment and circuits e.g sockets and lighting circuits and switches.

2.3 Manual Handling

A training course is organised for caretaking staff on ‘manual handling’.

2.4 Work Equipment

All machinery will be used in line with safety instructions provided and manufacturers specifications. Paper shredders, photocopiers, fax machines, printing machines etc. will be

used in accordance with safety instructions and suppliers instructions and will be maintained in good condition at all times. Employees should take all due care when using ladders or climbing. Defects to equipment will be reported to the Health & Safety Representative/Officer and will be repaired or serviced by qualified persons only.

2.5 Work areas, Classrooms, School corridors etc.

Staff will be responsible to keep classrooms and work areas safe and free of all hazards. This includes careful storage of sharp implements and potentially dangerous products.

It is the responsibility of management to provide a healthy working environment for employees. It is the responsibility of employees to use facilities provided by management to ensure a healthy environment is maintained for children and adults e.g. correct ventilation, temperature, lighting etc.

2.6 Floor Surfaces

Floor surfaces will be constantly inspected by staff and tripping hazards corrected. Spillages of all liquids will be cleared up immediately. Serious spillages will be reported to the caretaker and she will deal with it.

2.7 Eye Tests

For staff working with display screen equipment, more than one-hour continuous use per day, eye and eyesight tests will be facilitated and funded by the B.O.M.

2.8 Delph

Broken or chipped delph, pottery or glassware will be disposed of immediately.



It is the responsibility of employees to report any hazards/risks, problems or concerns.


All incidents will be recorded in writing by the staff member/s involved and passed on to the Health and Safety Representative. The Health and Safety Representative records the account. A report is passed to the B.O.M. if deemed necessary by the Health and Safety Representative. The Health and Safety Officer appointed by the B.O.M. will subsequently deal with the matter. 



The Health and Safety representative will ensure that a copy of this Health and Safety statement is displayed in the school and that staff and third parties are given a full version of the statement if they so request. A full version of the Health and Safety statement is available on the school website at




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